Dominic Golding

National Ethnic Disability Alliance: NEDA

Dominic Hong Duc Golding came in a box, ‘Operation Babylift’ one of some 300 plus children and babies evacuated from orphanages in South Vietnam. Dominic has a background in community arts to disability support worker. His projects has been with Australian Vietnamese Youth Media, in partnership with the Vietnamese Community in Australia (VIC chapter) directed Walking Without Feet (2004) an arts showcase by Vietnamese young adults with special needs. Dominic has returned to Vietnam three times, each time a new show was developed, Shrimp (2005, 2007) which won the Drama Victoria Award, Mr. Saigon, Ms. Hanoi (2007). He curator of two exhibitions; Unseen Habitation (2014) and Vessels to a Story (2016) for RISE, a drop in centre for refugees and asylum seekers. Dominic recently completed a University of Melbourne fellowship on refugees with disabilities. He is currently Policy and Projects Officer at NEDA, an NGO to supporting those from NESB with disabilities.

    1.15pm - 2.45pm

    Conference Day Two Friday 14

    Parallel Session: My transition to work: a refugee perspective

    Speakers in this session share their experiences of re-building or beginning their careers in Australia.


    Mireille Kayeye, Jesuit Social Services


    Dominic Golding, National Ethnic Disability Alliance
    Yama Choezom, Settlement Services International
    Amal Eskifeh, Community Representative
    Mashael Suliman, Community Representative


    RAPPP 2 



    11.30am - 1.00pm

    Conference Day One Thursday 13

    Plenary: Unpacking lived experience leadership

    In this session, we discuss the meaning of 'lived experience' within different contexts, and in relation to themes of representation, accountability, leadership, and solidarity. Speakers will examine the principles and complexities of meaningful engagement and leadership of people with first-hand experience of a particular issue, as well as the ethical, political and practical dimensions of doing so.


    Mia-lia Boua Kiernan, International Detention Coalition


    Shukufa Tahiri, Refugee Council of Australia
    Nishadh Rego, Jesuit Refugee Service Australia
    Zaki Haidari, Community Representative
    Rhanna Collins, National Indigenous Television
    Dominic Golding, National Ethnic Disability Alliance
    Cyprien Ntezimana, Rwandan Association of Queensland


    RAPPP 1 Main Auditorium