Mashael Suliman

Independent Age Care Tutor

Mashael is a pharmacist from Saudi Arabia and an asylum seeker. Mashael is currently working as a Lecturer at the Australian Institute of Advice Studies and is an Assistant Nures at St Vincent’s Care Services. Mashael arrived in Australia two years ago.


Mashael will be speaking on the panel entiteld ' My transition to work: a refugee perspective" on Friday 14 February

    1.15pm - 2.45pm

    Conference Day Two Friday 14

    Parallel Session: My transition to work: a refugee perspective

    Speakers in this session share their experiences of re-building or beginning their careers in Australia.


    Mireille Kayeye, Jesuit Social Services


    Dominic Golding, National Ethnic Disability Alliance
    Yama Choezom, Settlement Services International
    Amal Eskifeh, Community Representative
    Mashael Suliman, Community Representative


    RAPPP 2