Rnita Dacho

Refugee Council of Australia

Rnita arrived in Australia in 2015 as a humanitarian entrant after fleeing the war in Syria. Before fleeing Syria to Lebanon, Rnita was a teacher and preparing to do her master in teaching, as well as participating in church youth group and community mentoring programs. Upon arrival in Lebanon, Rnita placed her studies on hold to work to support her family as they awaited resettlement to a third ‘safe’ country. On her arrival to Australia, Rnita worked as a volunteer in community organizations such as Auburn Diversity Service and Sydney Alliance to help and support refugees, like herself transition to life in Australia using her fluency in Arabic, Assyrian and Kurdish to help ‘newly arrived’ young people and their families engage with their local community. Rnita worked as Youth Transition Support worker to support young refugees to continue their study and work here in Australia. She is currently studying Business studies in Swinburne University and works for the Refugee Council of Australia. As evidenced by both her studies and work Rnita is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and experience as a refugee with ‘newly arrived’ young people and their families to realize their full potential including access to education and employment opportunities.

Rnita will be moderating the session ' Ways of Working' on Thursday 13 February 

    4.00pm - 5.00pm

    Conference Day One Thursday 13

    Plenary Showcase: Ways of working: self-representation, collaboration and reconciliation

    A showcase of local and national initiatives highlighting the collaboration of multiple service providers to deliver community-defined requirements.


    Rnita Dacho, Refugee Council of Australia
    Kelly Sibanda, Multicultural Australia


    Speakers, Organisations/ Initatives 

    Joseph Youhana, National Refugee Advocacy and Advisory Group

    Gulnara Abbasova, Harmony Alliance

    Vicky Jacobson, Sediqa Karimi and Donata Sackey, Refugee Health Network Queensland

    Sally Baker, Sally Morgan and Aamir Ali, RESIG National Campaign #StudentsLikeUs

    Anne Hilton,  Wayne Briscoe, Asylum Seeker and Refugee Assistance Program


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