Stefan Armbruster

SBS World News

Stefan Armbruster is the Brisbane-based correspondent for SBS World News, reporting on Queensland and the Pacific region.

He was born in Germany, grew up in Australia, and worked for a decade in London for the BBC and other international broadcasters.

Since joining SBS in 2007, he has won numerous national radio and television media awards for his coverage of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander, Pacific, environment and multicultural issues.

Stefan will be speaking on the panel, 'What does ethical representation of refugees and refugee policy look like?' on Thursday 13 February

    2.15PM - 3.45pm

    Conference Day One Thursday 13

    Parallel Session: What does ethical representation of refugees and refugee policy look like?

    In this session, we examine the ethical representation of people from refugee backgrounds in the mainstream media; the implications of participating in media for people with lived experience; and the dominant and politicised narratives in mainstream media.


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    Renee Dixson, Queer Sisterhood Project
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    Stefan Armbruster, SBS World News
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