Stories of Systematic Racism – Performance by Voices of Colour

 Stories of Systematic Racism – Performance by Voices of Colour

As part of the Refugee Alternatives Conference week 2020 – we are thrilled to be partnering with Voices of Colour to bring you their incredible performance ‘Stories of systematic racism’.

Stories of systematic racism is a 50 minute show that unravels the meaning of systematic racism using story, dance, rap and song. It uses art to explore the social and institutional powers that support the oppression of a “racial other” in Australia. This performance combines both personal story and well researched statistical facts that will leave the audience with a basic emotional and intellectual understanding of how racism operates.

Join us at the QUT CUBE at the end of conference day one at 5.30pm  for what will no doubt be an incredible performance by the team from Voices of Colour, before wrapping up the day’s events at the Welcome Reception at QUT’s Gardens Point Theatre.

Voices of Colour, a Brisbane-based youth led collective that creates spaces for young artists from diverse backgrounds to share poetry, rap, dance and any other forms of creative expression.

Time: 5.30pm – 6.20pm (50 mins) | Thursday 13 February | QUT CUBE | Purchase your ticket here!


A photo of a man in a colourful blue top in front of tree net to another photo of woman holding a microphone sitting on a milk crate, with words Conference Week Side Event - Brought to you by Voices of Colour