Steps We’re Taking to Reduce Our Environmental Footprint

 Steps We’re Taking to Reduce Our Environmental Footprint

This year, we meet in the Sunshine State – a place of outstanding natural beauty, home to a stunning array of islands, reefs, lakes, forests and mountains. At a time when our climate is in crisis, we need to be more careful than ever of the impact we make on our surroundings.

For Refugee Alternatives 2020, we’re excited to announce the steps we’re taking to reduce our environmental footprint:

  • There is no need to print your tickets. Instead, please download them onto your phone or laptop for speedy entry or check your name off on the list with our wonderful welcome team at the door.

  • This year’s program will be displayed at highly visible locations around the venue, avoiding the need for individual printed programs. You can also download the program as a PDF if you would like a copy for your reference. There is a simple timetable version available here too. You can also find it on the conference website and we will have USBs available at the event for you to download the program.

  • Our lovely conference bags are provided by the Karen Women’s Organisation in Burma and are designed to last. We hope you will continue to enjoy them long after the conference ends.

  • We know that lanyards make a great fashion accessory, but if you can bear to hand them over at the end of the three days, we will use them again!
  • Single-use bottles and cups are so last decade – make sure you bring your own water bottle and coffee cup for refills. Our awesome co-hosts, QUT operate on a no single-use plastics policy which we aim to follow.

  • Recycling facilities are available around the venue (if you do use disposable coffee cups, please remember to separate the lid from the cup for recycling purposes).

  • Our delicious food, provided by Gerbinos and Mu’ooz, will be served using reusable or biodegradable cutlery and crockery. There will be compost bins available (in the unlikely event you don’t lick your plates clean).

If you have any ideas about how we can further reduce the environmental impact of the event, please email us at