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Arash Bordbar

Arash is a 24 year-old formal refugee from Iran living in Australia. He travelled to Malaysia at the age of 17 and registered with UNHCR in Kuala Lumpur. He spent five years in Malaysia before being resettled in Australia in May 2015. Arash is currently studying a Bachelor of Engineering Honour at the University of Western Sydney. He has experience in volunteering and worked for organizations supporting young refugees, at HELP College of Arts and Technology in Malaysia, UNHCR Malaysia, Sahabat Support Centre and in Australia at the Auburn Diversity Services Young Leaders Group, Multicultural Youth Advocacy Network Youth Ambassador, Settlement Services International volunteer and more recently working at Community Migrant resource centre as a youth worker to promote education, employment and positive social engagement. His new project called Future Focused that he will use his experience and voice as a young people human rights winner to talk about the right for refugee youths to education, work, mental health and support services and staff navigate diversity in the youth sector. Arash is an advocate for gender equality, sexual rights, and access to education and employment opportunities. He participated in the Global Refugee Youth Consultation in Australia and Geneva in June 2016-17 and since then has travelled to Kuala Lumpur where he organised and facilitated a youth consultation, the first of its kind for refugee youth in Malaysia. He has also travelled to Bangkok, Thailand for the Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network (APRRN) APCRR6 and was elected as the deputy chair for the APRRN Youth Working Group. In December 2016 Arash was awarded the Young Australian Human Rights Medal for the Year 2016 by Australia Human Rights. While he continues to advocate for the rights of refugee youths, he’s also putting in time to help others assimilate well into society. He works with people from similar backgrounds, whether it’s day to day needs or help with their applications and pathway for education. He is also a member of UNHCR Global Youth Advisory Council that was Launched in December 2017 and representing Australia.