Introducing our co-host for Refugee Alternatives 2019, the Migration and Refugee Research Network (MARRnet) is a dynamic network of researchers, service providers, students and community members that aims to foster research collaboration and innovation, promote intercultural understanding and improve settlement outcomes for asylum seekers, refugees and other migrants.   The network has membership from a range of disciplines from all three  South Australian public Universities in the fields of visual arts, law, education, public health, psychology, political theory, nursing, international studies, migration and population studies, as well as government representatives and service providers from a range of organisations.  

MARRnet aims to engage in research focused on the needs of the community, which will have a direct impact on policy and practice in the migration space. The aim of the Network is not only to engage in research, but to develop a model for research engagement that cultivates and strengthens the potential for research. The Network will engage in research that raises awareness and challenges assumptions. MARRnet focuses on the development of cohesive societies in which diversity is valued and the cultural, social and economic contribution of migrants celebrated.  The Network offers the opportunity to present a collective voice on key political questions, informed by a keen sense of social justice and the existing human rights law protections. 

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