The Refugee Council of Australia and UNSW Australia would like to say a huge thank to all the members of the RAPPP Advisory Committee and the team of incredible volunteers without who this conference would not be possible.

RAPPP Volunteers 2016-2017

Aaron Lowth; Alison Graham; Angela O’Connell; Charlotte Bell; and Tamana Mirzada lead a team of over 50 volunteers who supported every aspect of the Conference planning and delivery.

RAPPP Advisory Committee Members 2016-2017

Adbul Hekmat Karim (Refugee Council of Australia Board); Ali Nur (Refugee Council of Australia Board); Arash Bordbar (Refugee Council of Australia, Multicultural Youth Advocacy Network); Atem Atem (RCAN – Refugee Council Advocacy Network); Belinda Liddell (UNSW Australia); Caroline Fleay (Curtin University, Refugee Council of Australia Board); Caroline Lenette (UNSW Australia); Charlotte Bell (UNSW Australia); Charlotte Smedley (UNSW Australia); Claire Higgins (Kaldor Centre); Claudia Tazreiter (UNSW Australia); Graham Thom (Amnesty International Australia); Jasimina Bajraktarevic (STARTTS); Katrina Grech (Settlement Services International); Lina Ishu (STARTTS); Loukia Zinopoulos (Settlement Services International); MassimilianoTani (UNSW Australia); Nadine Liddy (Multicultural Youth Advocacy Network); Nusrat Homaira (UNSW Australia); Ola Ogunsiji (Australian National Council of Refugee Women); Om Dhungel (RCAN – Refugee Council Advocacy Network); Ramesh Kumar (AMES); Rebecca Wood (UNSW Australia); Robyn Sampson (International Detention Coalition); Sonal Patel (Refugee Council of Australia); Stephanie Hemelryk Donald (UNSW Australia); Susanne Schmeidl (UNSW Australia); Tanya Jackson-Vaughan (RACS); Tenneh Kpaka (Australian National Council of Refugee Women); Tina Posunkina (RACS); Vanessa Calli (UNSW Australia); Verónica  Tello (UNSW Australia); Violet Roumeliotis (UNSW Australia); Wayne Wobcke (UNSW Australia)