"Affective Shifts: Inside and Outside Nation and Body: Rethinking How Refugee Research is Engendered”

Tuesday 21 February 2017

UNSW Art & Design
Paddington Campus
Greens Rd, Paddington
NSW 2021

The Forced Migration Research Network, UNSW, will be hosting an Academic Symposium on 21 February 2017, complimenting and feeding into the Refugee Alternatives Conference.

This Academic Symposium is an attempt to rethink how to analyse the spaces and socialites of our lives with a focus on research with refugees and asylum seekers. This area is fraught with numerous challenges of access, representation and power hierarchies that intersect with our respective life histories.

If becoming part of the whole is a socially constituted process of relations and negotiations with multiple others and with multi-layered social structures, the emergence of social subjects is always a collective activity, ‘external’ to the self. This calls for creative theoretical alternatives that rethink the impact of material and discursive conditions upon our embodied and embedded subjectivity. It certainly requires greater ethical courage as well as deeper theoretical efforts to imagine the affective shifts of perspective that may help us challenge the complexities of contemporary times, especially the peculiar configuration of the relationship between the state and the bodies of refugees played out in punitive policies and damaging political rhetoric.

With these dilemmas in mind this Academic Symposium poses the following questions: How can the academic community contribute to these shifts? How can academics re-imagine the research relationship towards greater equity and post-representation modes of scholarship?

A radical re-imagining of subjectivity is required in order to reframe current debates and their toxic undercurrents. This Symposium will aim to highlight how relationships that break down perceived boundaries of researcher and researched engender a different politics of affirmation with which the current tenor of public debate on refugees can be challenged.

For more information please visit the Academic Symposium website or contact:
Associate Professor Claudia Tazreiter Deputy Head (Research)
School of Social Sciences, University of New South Wales
c.tazreiter@unsw.edu.au | +61 2 9385 369

Symposium Side Event: Special Viewing at UNSW Galleries

Tuesday 21 February | 5.00pm – 7.00pm

Join us a special viewing of the EXIT installation at the UNSW Galleries and a live performance by Vietnamese/Australian artist and UNSW Art & Design PhD candidate James Nguyen.

For free registration RSVP to unswgalleries@unsw.edu.au