If you would like more information about future Sponsorship Opportunities or the work of RCOA, please don’t hesitate to contact Ewan Isbister at ewan.isbister@refugeecouncil.org.au or on (02) 9211 9333.

The Refugee Council of Australia and UNSW Grand Challenges are grateful for the support of all the sponsors of the conference.

Principle Sponsors

UNSW Grand Challenges

UNSW Australia is one of Australia’s leading research and teaching universities, and ranked in the Top 100 universities worldwide. The UNSW Grand Challenges program addresses the biggest issues facing humanity. The Grand Challenge on Refugees and Migrants was launched in July 2016 and aims to inspire informed discussion, debate and policy formulation.

For more information visit UNSW Grand Challenges

CBP Foundation

Founded over a century ago, Colin Biggers & Paisley is one of the oldest legal practices in the country. Today we have nearly 400 staff, offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and a track record of excellence and high partner engagement that is second to none. We provide first-class legal advice and representation. Our lawyers are experts in construction, insurance, property, government, commercial litigation and dispute resolution, intellectual property, banking and finance, corporate and commercial, employment and safety, planning and environment, restructuring and insolvency, transport and logistics.

For more information visit www.cbpfoundation.com.au


The Australian Migrant Resource Centre

The Australian Migrant Resource Centre (AMRC) is an independent, non-government, leading settlement agency servicing all of South Australia. We support the effective settlement and participation of people from refugee and migrant backgrounds, particularly new arrivals and those on bridging visas seeking status resolution. Our vision is to ensure their equal access, opportunity and participation in South Australia’s society, culture, economy and environment. We are committed to social justice and believe that our client groups have a fundamental right to respect, privacy, safety, opportunity and cultural expression.

For more information visit www.amrc.org.au

Australian Red Cross

Australian Red Cross provides humanitarian assistance to refugees, asylum seekers, people who have been trafficked, and other vulnerable migrants regardless of their visa status or background. Our migration support programs aim to protect and uphold the health, dignity and wellbeing of vulnerable migrants through a range of direct programs, partnerships, community awareness activities and engagement with the authorities about the humanitarian impacts of migration policy.

For more information visit www.redcross.org.au

Curtin University

The Centre for Human Rights Education at Curtin University is a centre for research, postgraduate teaching, critical scholarship and advocacy on human rights. The Centre leads ethical scholarship, enabling individual agency and community engagement on human rights and social justice through the study and promotion of human rights at local, national and international levels.

For more information visit www.humanrights.curtin.edu.au

Liverpool City Council

Liverpool City Council is united in its respect for, and celebration of, cultural diversity. Comprised of people from more than 150 countries, Liverpool is one of Australia’s most culturally and linguistically diverse communities. Liverpool is a Proud Refugee Welcome Zone and the second largest resettlement area where refugees now call home.

The rich cultural diversity of language, religion and culture affords opportunities to increase the community’s capacity, develop community leadership, and become active and participating members of society.

For more information visit www.liverpool.nsw.gov.au

Marist 180

Marist180 is a not-for-profit organisation committed to empowering people with skills knowledge, practical support and encouragement.  We strive to care for all who need support and hope from people without a home to those seeking asylum. (36 words)

Marist180 believes our society is enriched by diversity and our therapeutic, trauma-informed services assist refugees at various stages of their journey to settle in Australia.

For more information visit www.marist180.org.au


STARTTS is a specialist, non-profit organisation that for more than 25 years has provided culturally appropriate and cutting edge psychological treatment and support, and community interventions to help people from refugee backgrounds resettling or seeking protection in NSW. Services include counselling, physiotherapy, Neurofeedback, groups, school programs, cultural events, and mentoring of community leaders.

Over the last decade STARTTS has assisted more than 33,000 clients from 145 countries to heal the scars of torture and refugee trauma and rebuild their lives in Australia.

For more information visit www.startts.org.au



Settlement Services International (SSI) is a community-based, not-for-profit humanitarian organisation providing a range of services in the areas of refugee and migrant settlement, accommodation, asylum seeker assistance, multicultural foster care, disability support, employment services, and youth support in NSW. Our vision is to achieve a society that values the diversity of its people and actively provides support to ensure meaningful social and economic participation and to assist individuals and families reach their potential.

In the past year, SSI supported 3,709 people to find long-term accommodation and 1,785 people to find a job. It also provided essential assistance to 8,615 refugees, humanitarian entrants and people seeking asylum.

For more information visit www.ssi.org.au