Films for now

The Conference will be screening shorts, screen artworks, and feature-length films that address the conditions, hopes, issues and challenges of forced migration in the twenty-first century. Many have been made by people who are themselves refugees, or who have first-hand experience of a difficult migration. Other are by artists and film-makers who engage with the centrality of forced migration to the human condition. Films address the reasons people may (or may not) leave their homes, the enormous hopes and struggles that such journeys entail, and the real dangers that national and supra-national border controls present. We also include works that look at the results of displacement, being out of place can produce loneliness, uncertainty and a sense of missing out on a life well lived, of waiting to start again but not knowing how or when. The films will run across the two days of the conference in a special screening room, titles will be distributed on the day and where possible we will invite a film-maker to introduce the works shown. No bookings required for conference delegates, just come along.

Wednesday 22 February | 10.00am – 4.00pm and Thursday 23 February | 10.00am – 4.00pm

Curated by Stephanie Hemelryk Donald