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Mary Ireland

Mary Ireland is the coordinator the Vinnies SA Good Works Migrant and Refugee Centre located in Hindmarsh SA, which provides emergency assistance to more than 1500 individual contacts each year. Mary’s role encompasses service design and delivery, and volunteer coordination and development.

Having completed a Bachelor of Science in Human Services at the University of South Australia in 1991, Mary enjoyed a 23 year career in the public service working in areas of project, program, community development, and management. This experience, coupled with her strong commitment to social justice and the recognition of individual and human rights, sees Mary well placed to fulfil the Coordinator role at the Migrant and Refugee Centre.

In 2017, Mary introduced the Vinnies Asylum Seeker Assistance Program for double negative asylum seekers: those who have had their claim for refugee status and their appeal rejected. The program has assisted 48 people since its inception, and growth is anticipated due to the SRSS funding cuts.

Mary will be joining the session “Roof Over My Head” on Tuesday 19 February from 1.00pm – 2.30pm.