Neil Barber

Neil is lives in Wagga Wagga in Southern NSW and coordinates Australian Red Cross programs across NSW and ACT for people with lived experience of forced migration to have opportunities to successfully participate socially, economically and culturally in their communities of belonging – especially those living in or interested in moving to, small cities and towns in Southern NSW and around the ACT. Neil is also an academic associate with Charles Sturt University lecturing in Social Work Practice and Social Policy.

Neil has particular experience in the transition of people who are living in rural areas and transitioning from seeking protection to temporary protection, or have had their protection applications refused. Neil is also interested in how small Australian towns and cities are mobilising to welcome people with lived experience of forced migration to relocate to their communities – and considering the need for First People and Nations of Australia to be central to the discussions and plans for primary settlement and secondary movement.

Neil has lived all his life in rural communities in New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria, even though his family ties were largely from Inner Sydney.

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