Pathways to Citizenship – Side Session 2019

Tuesday 19 February – Conference Day One will be wrapping up with a side session entitled “Pathways to Citizenship”.

The session will explore the significance of citizenship for refugees and the legal and practical barriers to attaining citizenship. The panel will include speakers from Adelaide University, Beena Rezaae Legal & Migration (SA), Carina Ford Immigration Lawyers (NSW) and UNSW.

TheĀ  will aim to outline the role of citizenship as a pathway to full membership and integration in the Australian community. It focuses on recent changes in the Federal governments approach to citizenship, framing it as a privilege to be earnt, rather than a means of facilitating full participation and membership in the Australian community. The session explores how changes in law and policy in line with this framing has a particular impact on refugees

Head along to room RAPPP 3 (HH Building, Level 3) and be sure you don’t miss out.