RESIG National Campaign #StudentsLikeUs

The team from the RESIG National Campaign #StudentsLikeUs will be presenting as part of the ‘Ways of Working’ showcase on Thursday 13 February from 4:00pm – 5:00pm.

One consequence of the federal policy on temporary protection is its prohibitive impact on accessing higher education created for people seeking asylum and refugees on temporary protection and safe haven visas. As a result of their temporary status, universities are forced to consider these people as international students, and therefore have to charge the full cost of tuition, thus creating insurmountable financial barriers for them.

While several universities have responded to this situation by creating ‘fee-waiver’ scholarships, not all universities are playing their part. The Refugee Education Special Interest Group (RESIG) has created a national, syndicated campaign – ’StudentsLikeUs’ – to encourage all universities to support access for people seeking asylum and refugees with temporary protection, and for all universities to increase the number and content of the scholarship packages on offer.
To complement this, the RESIG is supporting the national pilot of a fundraising campaign, the Living Support Fund – with the Hope Co-op and YouthPlus Foundation – to raise funds to financially support students studying in higher education to complete their studies.