S Nagaveeran Ravi Pic

S. Nagaveeran

S. Nagaveeran, also known as Ravi, fled Sri Lanka due to brutality suffered through the civil war and the ongoing persecution of Tamil people. He arrived in Australia having traveled by boat. Due to punitive policies, he was incarcerated in Australia’s immigration detention camp on Nauru for more than 2 years. Subsequently, he was transferred to the Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation in Broadmeadows – also a detention camp. Ravi began writing and drawing whilst in immigration detention.He is now living in the community and has published a collection of his poems, entitled ‘From Hell to Hell’. Ravi’s poetry and drawings can be seen as forms of art and literature in and of themselves. However, his work can too be perceived as an action of resistance. Ravi has launched his book in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. He has travelled across the country to share his experiences, reach out to Australians and show them the reality of what people are facing in Australia’s human dumping grounds. He has co-founded a dinner project called ‘Food for Thought’ and a poetry series called ‘Hidden Voices from Australia’s Human Dumping Grounds’ to help provide platforms for the sharing of stories and experiences, in order to foster greater understanding in the community.