Daniel Zingifuaboro

Council of South Sudanese Communities in QLD

Daniel Zingifuaboro was born in South Sudan. He migrated to Australia in 2001. Daniel is currently a Legal Practitioner, employed by Littles Lawyers in Brisbane. Formerly, Daniel served as Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Access Community Services Limited before being called by his country to serve as State Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement. While in South Sudan, Daniel also served as State Minister of Information and Communication and State Minister of Parliamentary Affairs. Recently, Daniel served as a Community Engagement Consultant with Multicultural Australia, formerly known as Multicultural Development Association (MDA).

Daniel formerly served as a member of the Refugee Resettlement Advisory Council (RRAC), now known as Settlement Services Advisory Council (SSAC), Orientation Consultative Committee, National Multicultural Reference Group (NMRG), Human Right Reference Group, Multicultural Ministerial Advisory Committee, among others.

Daniel will be speaking on the panel' Building Communities for Change' on Friday 14 February