Emmanuel Musoni

Great Lakes Agency for Peace and Development International (GLAPDI)

Emmanuel Musoni doubles as the Chief Operating Officer of ROA and The Chair of Great Lakes Agency for Peace and Development International (GLAPDI). He has been engaged in community leadership and development for many years both in Australia and overseas.

Emmanuel has settled around 158 people in regional Australia since mid-2016. Emmanuel’s work has enlightened and changed perceptions towards refugees within the Australian population and brought the new debate into State and Federal politics.

Emmanuel was raised in a refugee camp in Uganda until he was 16 years old. This has led him to be strongly committed and passionate about advocating for better settlement and integration of refugees and migrants who are yearning to call rural and regional Australia home.

As a result of having hundreds of migrant and refugee families expressing interest in moving to country towns, Emmanuel began a campaign of visiting rural communities to talk about the benefits of regional resettlement for local communities. This included strategies for welcoming and retaining migrants in regional areas and guiding research efforts in this field. Emmanuel was commissioned by Scanlon Foundation and Regional Australia Institute to develop a community-based national toolkit to assist regional communities to successfully settle migrants and refugees.

Emmanuel will be joining the panel 'Spotlight on regional communities' on Thursday 13 February