Farhad Arian

National Refugee Advisory and Advocacy Group (NRAAG)

Farhad is a member of the Steering Committee of National Refugee Advisory and Advocacy Group. He works as a Research and Policy Coordinator at Edmund Rice Centre where he coordinates research, advocacy and community development programs. His research and advocacy interest is centred on refugee empowerment, immigrant settlement, human rights of people seeking asylum and returnees experience in their countries of origin.

Over the past ten years, Farhad has been working with diaspora and grassroots communities from the Middle East, South Asia and Africa, including Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sri Lanka and Sudan, to enable them to provide their voice, input and feedback in the design, development, implementation and evaluation of Australia’s humanitarian and refugee settlement policies and programs.

Farhad will be presenting as part of the 'Ways of Working' showcase on Thursday 13 February