Grace Edward

Multicultural Youth QLD, BMAC


Grace Edward is a Brisbane based playwright, director and creative producer from Yei, South Sudan. She believes in the power of storytelling as a tool to understand one another better. Through her writing and productions, Grace explores different aspects of what it means to be a third-culture child and a person of colour living in Australia today. She has co-written, produced and directed two theatre productions in Brisbane linking generations: A forum theatre play (2018) and Skin deep (2019) which explored the ideology of colourism within People of Colour Communities. Grace has spoken around Australia on a range of issues including youth leadership, education, health, migration, rascism and discrimination, and displacemnet. 

Grace will be joining us as the Master of Ceremonies and speaking on the panel, 'What does ethical representation of refugees and refugee policy look like?' on Thursday 13 February