Guled Mire

Community Advocate, Writer, Speaker, Third Culture Minds

Community Advocate, Writer, Speaker, and Co-founder & Chief Executive of Third Culture Minds

Guled Mire is a former refugee who is passionate about advancing and encouraging the social well-being, inclusion and development of New Zealand’s ethnic and former refugee communities. He is a writer, speaker, senior policy advisor, young leader and community advocate. He is also the co-founder & CEO of Third Culture Minds, and is recognised as one of New Zealand’s most prominent young voices advocating for a more humane, inclusive and welcoming society. More recently, Guled led a highly publicised campaign to abolish an explicitly discriminatory ‘family-link’ requirement rule for African and Middle Eastern refugees within New Zealand’s official refugee quota policy.

Guled will be speaking on the panel ' Australia and the Asia Pacific' on Friday 14 February


    Conference day two Fri 14 Feb

    Plenary: Australia & the Asia Pacific

    This plenary will include a welcome to Day two and a special session reporting back from the Queer Displacements Conference.