Magdalena Kuyang

Queensland Program of Assistance to Survivors of Torture and Trauma (QPASTT)

Magdalena Kuyang is a Counselor in the Regional Team Services at QPASTT, an organisation she has worked in since 2005. Magdalena is involved in family counselling, therapeutic groups, trauma counselling, and information sessions for families from a refugee background to improve family relationships, maintain good mental health and well-being. Magdalena has a Bachelor of Human Services, with Families and Communities focus, and a Cert IV in Primary Health and Community Care and she is trained as a Bi cultural Mental Health Consultant. She is particularly interested in working across cultures, using collaborative approaches to strengthen family relationships and promote social inclusion. Magdalene is also passionate about using a broad range of therapeutic techniques and keen to learn new approaches to empower people’s strengths.

Magdalena will be speaking on the session ' Let's talk about mental health' on Thursday 13 February