Maria Tran

Filmmaker, Community and Cultural Practitioner

Maria Tran is an actor, filmmaker and martial artist working across video, performance and action choreography.

Her international film credits include Roger Corman’s Hollywood movie ‘Fist of the Dragon’, Chinese mixed martial arts movie ‘Death Mist’ and Vietnamese blockbuster ‘Tracer’.

Maria won the 2013 Breakout Female Performer at the International Action on Film Festival and 2016 Female Action Performer of the Year, MartialCon for her role as director/ producer on female-led action comedy ‘Hit Girls’.

Her recent theatre work includes the development of ‘Action Star’ with PYT Fairfield. In 2018, Maria became the recipient of the Create NSW Western Sydney Arts Fellowship award and established a female led film and art collective Phoenix Eye; based in Western Sydney. She is currently in production for her action film “Echo 8”.