Muzafar Ali

Cisarua Learning

Muzafar Ali is a former Hazara refugee from Afghanistan. He is currently living in Adelaide and a student at the University of South Australia. Believing in refugee agency, he is a passionate advocate for refugee education.

After 9/11, he worked for the United Nations in Afghanistan. His work evolved in a range of diverse sectors, including the disarmament of illegal armed groups, strengthening political institutions and civil society organisations, development, and photojournalism.

The deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan forced Muzafar to migrate to Indonesia in 2013. He played a key role to establish the first refugee school (Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre) in Indonesia, and a collaborative refugee community to own the school. He regularly participates in awareness campaigns for Australians and fundraising events for school in Indonesia.

Muzafar will be speaking as part of the opening session on Thursday 13 February