Renee Dixson

Queer Sisterhood Project

Renee Dixson is a PhD Candidate at the Australia National University developing a digital archive of LGBTIQ oral histories about forced migration. The significance of Renee’s research project lies in the fact that the phenomenon of LGBTIQ migration and forced displacement has not been sufficiently documented. The archive that Renee is developing will be the first digital LGBTIQ archive to record those experiences.

Since 2004 Renee have been working as a human rights defender at the international and national levels focusing on the rights of LGBTIQ people. As a result of visible work and persecution, they were forced to leave their country of residence and seek asylum in Australia.

Renee also works at the Australian National University producing 3D models of artefacts, culturally significant objects such as the ceremonial Black Rod in the Australian Senate and animal skulls for research.

In addition, Renee is an artist and in their art practice Renee is working with film and photography. One of the big social art project that Renee produced was “Stories About Hope” that explored the experiences of refugees in Australia.

Renee is also a co-founder of the Queer Sisterhood Project, a refugee-led peer support and advocacy group for queer refugee women, and a co-convener of the inaugural conference on LGBTIQ asylum called Queer Displacements: Sexuality, Migration and Exile.