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Stephi Hemelryk Donald

Stephanie Hemelryk Donald FASSA FRSA is outgoing Future Fellow at UNSW and incoming distinguished professor of film (University of Lincoln) where she will head a new school in international and global studies with a view to re-conceptualising the study of comparative culture and civilisation for undergraduates. She is also visiting distinguished professor at iCinema Research Centre (UNSW) where she works on ideas of the child, emergency, crisis, and migrancy through the visual and immersive arts. From 2017-mid 2018 she has been Academic Lead of the Grand Challenge for Refugees and Migrants at UNSW. Publications include There’s No Place Like Home: The Migrant Child in World Cinema (2018), Childhood and Nation in Contemporary World Cinema (2017), and Inert Cities: Globalization, Mobility and Suspension in Visual Culture (2014).