Ukash Ahmed Pic

Ukash Ali Ahmed

Ukash Ali Ahmed was born in Somalia. He fled his home country when he was 10 years old. Ukash lived in the world’s largest refugee camp in Kenya for 18 years before arriving in Australia in 2009. Whilst in the camp, he served as an advocate for refugee rights after completing his high school education. Ukash also worked in different capacities with humanitarian organizations in the camp. Ukash is currently working with the Multicultural Communities Council SA as a Youth Development Officer.  Upon arrival in Australia, he enrolled at Flinders University to complete a Bachelor’s degree in International studies where he graduated in 2014.

Ukash is currently a representative of Adelaide PHN (Primary Health Network) refugee and new arrivals reference group. He is a carers representative of Mental Health Australia’s Carers and Consumers group. Ukash is also a representative at Mental Health Australia, FECCA and NEDA Alliance Group, a soccer coach, President of the Somali Weyn Sports Club and Multicultural Representative  of Every Life Matters suicide prevention network.

Ukash will be joining the session “Building strengths: Exploring practical responses to mental health needs for people who have faced forced migration” on Wednesday 20 February from 10.45am – 12.15pm.