Watch! Plenary Session: Unpacking Lived Experience Leadership

 Watch! Plenary Session: Unpacking Lived Experience Leadership

The opening plenary for Refugee Alternatives 2020 discussed the meaning of ‘lived experience’ within different contexts and in relation to themes of representation, accountability, leadership, and solidarity. 

Speakers examined the principles and complexities of meaningful engagement and leadership of people with first-hand experience of a particular issue, as well as the ethical, political and practical dimensions of doing so. It was a remarkable panel and one for all to watch.

Watch the full session via RCOA’s Facebook page here

Moderator: Mia-lia Boua Kiernan, International Detention Coalition

Speakers: Shukufa Tahiri, Refugee Council of Australia; Nishadh Rego, Jesuit Refugee Service Australia; Zaki Haidari, Community Representative; Rhanna Collins, National Indigenous Television;  Dominic Golding, National Ethnic Disability Alliance; Cyprien Ntezimana, Rwandan Association of Queensland 

(Pictured above from left: Cyprien Ntezimana, Dominic Golding, Zaki Haidari)